3 Things to Know About Dental Implants

If you have teeth that need to be replaced, you should consider getting dental implants. This is an effective method of restoring teeth that have been lost due to any reason. Restoring your teeth by this method will require you to have surgery. This will allow for an artificial root to be planted into your jawbone that is a titanium post. This will serve as the necessary anchor for the dental restoration, such as crown or bridge that you select. Knowing certain things about dental implants can help prepare you for the procedure.

The Cost

Dental implants aren’t inexpensive and also typically aren’t covered by your dental insurance. The average cost per tooth for an implant in Canada is $3,975. However, this is just for the implant, and there are other potential costs involved.

If you need to have a bone graft because of excessive bone loss, this will increase the cost. Additionally, you can expect to pay even more money when you put a dental crown or a bridge on top of the implant. Each individual situation may vary when it comes to the total costs that are involved.

The Benefits

Your entire oral health can improve by getting a dental implant. This will fill in the missing gap where you tooth was and will prevent your other teeth from shifting out of place. The other teeth will try to fill in the space over time and may cause your problems.

Listed below are some additional benefits of getting a dental implant:

  • You may be able to speak more clearly.
  • You will be capable of chewing foods better.
  • Your level of self-confidence may improve.

The Recovery

You may be able to return to work the day after your implant surgery. It is normal for most people to resume regular activities fairly quickly after this procedure. It may be necessary for you to only eat soft foods and drink liquids for a few days after having the surgery completed.

However, it will take time for your gums to heal completely. The average total healing time can range anywhere from three to six months.

By choosing dental implants, you will reap a number of benefits from doing so and knowing some of the details of what is involved can help put your mind at ease. Be sure to consult with an implant specialist such as Saanich Dental Group dental implants to help answer any questions you may have before you begin this procedure.

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