Tips For Enjoying Your Favorite Cookout Foods After A Root Canal

If you attending a cookout shortly after having a root canal, you may be wondering what you can eat that won’t cause damage to your procedure area. Although you should avoid anything other than soft foods, here are a few tips on how you can still enjoy some of your cookout favorites.

Shred Your Steak Or Rib Meat

If the main course of the cookout includes a thick, juicy steak or ribs, you don’t necessarily have to pass the delectable meat by. The trick is to cut up and shred the meat into very small pieces so you do not have to chew hard to swallow it.

For either steak or ribs, cut the meat into small, two-inch square pieces. Then, hold one end against your plate with a fork, and use another fork to rip the meat apart to shred it. Once you have shredded all of the meat, use a sharp knife to cut it into even smaller pieces.

Smother the meat with ketchup or barbecue sauce so it can easily slide down your gullet without having to chew it. If you are still unable to eat the meat without having to chew, you may have to pass on it for a couple of days while your gums and teeth heal, or until the recommended time by your dentist.

Watch Out For Some Barbecue Sauces

If you opt to use barbecue sauce on your shredded meat, be careful about which one you use. While mild or sweet sauces do not normally irritate your sore gums, those with a lot of spice may inflame your already tender mouth tissues. 

If you can’t bear the thought of not having your favorite, spicy sauce on your ribs, you can still enjoy some of the heat by cutting it with something else. Place half of the amount you wish to have on your plate, then mix it with either water, ketchup, or a milder barbecue sauce. After combining your meat with the mixture, keep it away from the affected side of your mouth to prevent irritation. 

If you find your gums are still too sensitive to eat even a small amount of the sauce, stop eating it. Then rinse your mouth with warm water and a teaspoon of salt to remove any residual sauce. 

Mash Up The Potato Salad

After looking forward to your mother’s homemade potato salad all year, you may be ready to dig in and start chowing down on this picnic and cookout staple. However, even though the potatoes are cooked, they can still present a challenge to you after having a root canal since you still need to chew them up.

To make it easier to eat, use a fork to mash up all of the potatoes, then mix the mashed potatoes thoroughly with the remaining ingredients. Add a little extra mayonnaise to increase the creaminess and wetness of the salad so you can swallow it in small bites without having to chew it. Also, since the ingredients are typically bland, even if some of it gets into contact with your gums, it should not irritate your root canal site.

The above tips only offer a few suggestions on how you can still enjoy your favorite cookout fare without harming your mouth after a root canal. If you still have questions or concerns, you may want to discuss them with the dentist who performed your procedure.

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